Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Guys

Losing weight is difficult and it is not considered difficult to lose weight. However, Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Guys are sometimes gaining weight can be equally or more difficult than skinny guys. Moreover, just like the criticism that you can face in terms of weight gain you might also face problems. Skinny guys also face the problem of criticism of their friends, family and society in general, moreover, the media’s notions of attractiveness cause people to resort to unhealthy ways of gaining weight, i.e. resorting to unhealthy supplements, steroids and medicine that can affect your healthy negatively.

best weight gainer for skinny guys

If you are a skinny guys facing problems of weight gain, then please read below for best weight gainer for skinny guys:

Learn Why is it Difficult for you to Gain Weight

The first step to gaining weight is to learn why it’s difficult for you to gain weight and then let go of the notion that you can never gain weight. Maybe you always thought you cannot gain weight because of genes, but against all the things you have heard from your next door neighbor, your friend or your cousin it is possible for you to gain weight if you just follow few simple tips below:

Increase your Calories

Your metabolism is really fast so you’re probably not afraid to eat as much junk food as you can. But remember just like junk food is a killer for weight loss it can be a killer for weight gain as well. So, when you’re eating the first thing you need to make sure is that you’re eating balanced meals full of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and then double whatever you’re eating. If your breakfast contains one egg and 2 toast, double it and make it 4 toast and 4 eggs. Your metabolism is fast, so eat protein heavy foods that will stay in your body for a little longer.

Never Skip Breakfast

When you’re trying to gain weight your life should generally revolve around food and grocery shopping. But there is one important meal that you’re not allowed to skip at any cost, and that’s breakfast. Have breakfast within 15-20 minutes of waking up and your breakfast should be full of nutrients. You cannot eat an apple or have a milkshake and leave for work, or your work out.

Dont Train Hungry

Some people think its fine to go and train hungry because you are going to eat afterwards. But think about it if you’re already struggling with gaining weight and then you’re training hungry you’re probably losing more calories than building up your muscle. So, yes you cannot train just after having only a protein shake. Eat properly in the morning or whenever you’re going to work out and then start training after 1-2 hours of eating.

The key of Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Guys is to first remember that you can gain weight despite all odds that you have been informed of. You just need to make sure you’re giving your stomach enough to keep working. It is always recommended to consult a professional trainer and work with him on a plan to have a more effective weight gain plan.