Are Testosterone Boosters Safe for Everyone?

Testosterone is the principal sex hormone in men. Women also produce testosterone but in smaller amounts. Testosterone boosters are available in powder forms to increase testosterone levels in body and increase sex drive, muscle development, and bone strength. The question is why would you need to take testosterone boosters, when your body is already producing testosterone? In your adulthood your body produces high level of testosterone but with time the level of testosterone produced by body decreases leading to lower sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, and decreased muscle mass, difficulty sleeping and emotional changes. In order to maintain or increase testosterone levels in body, there are several supplements and products available in the market.

testosterone boosters safe

However, whether or not these products are safe are debate able, in order to find out if testosterone boosters are safe please read below:

Types of Testosterone Boosters:

To understand whether testosterone boosters are safe or not it is important to first know what kind of testosterone booster you’re talking about. There are two major types of testosterone boosters, the prescription hormone supplements and over the counter testosterone boosters. Prescription hormone supplements contain natural supplements and due to the potential side-effects related to taking prescription testosterone boosters, i.e. heart diseases, acne, blood clotting and more, the prescription testosterone boosters cannot be purchased without a prescription.

If people are unable to purchase prescription hormone they generally turn towards over the counter natural testosterone boosters. These testosterone boosters are generally produced from natural herbal powders and are known for increasing body levels of testosterone. However, scientifically there is no proven evidence that these powders can actually cause the body to increase its testosterone production. Generally over the counter testosterone boosters contain products such as puncture vine, DHEA, creatine, HMB and L-arginine.

Testosterone Boosters Safe or Not?

In order to assess whether testosterone boosters are safe or not, it is important to know whether the ingredients they contain are safe. Starting from puncture vine also known as tribulus terrestris. The herb is used to treat impotence and infertility but the ability of the herb to boost testosterone levels is not proven scientifically and the side effects of using the herbs are also not discovered. Coming towards DHEA, our body produces DHEA naturally but it’s a hormone that’s taken as a growth hormone for gaining weight and is added to testosterone boosters. However, DHEA comes with safety concerns and it is generally advised to not take DHEA without consulting with a doctor first.

Whether or not testosterone boosters are safe for you also depends on your body type and how the testosterone boosters might react in your body. Considering the testosterone boosters contain some natural hormones produced by the body it is generally advised to not take them without consulting a doctor first. Therefore, instead of using over the counter medication to increase testosterone levels to be safe you should consult your doctor.